The Key to life and trading is living a healthy lifestyle. Proper diet, consistent exercise and taking the proper vitamins daily will enhance your energy, alertness and overall health. To excel as a trader you must be sharp:

  • Exercise: Set a weekly exercise routine based around walking, mid core, strength training and cardio workouts. Click HERE for a sample weekly exercise routine.

  • Supplements:No matter how effective your daily diet is you will not get the full effect of the vitamins you need everyday.We recommend Isotonix Liquid vitamins. Why liquid vitamins over the standard hard tablet? The hard tablet vitamin has minimal absorption an is estimated that less than 20% of nutrient is absorbed into your blood stream. Liquid vitamins do not linger in your stomach and immediately enter your system giving you the nutrients  and energy your body needs for the day.

The following are a few essential vitamin recommendations to keep you sharp as a trader and help enhance your health: Easy to take, a small cap full into 2oz of water in the morning before eating breakfast , then wait 10 minutes.

Vitamin B Complex- Energy:  Vitamin B is made up of 12 components and is excellent for natural energy.. No one food produces all 12 components, thus you don't fully receive it. Vitamin B basically helps turn your food into energy. Click HERE for more information.

Magnesium:A mineral, 4th most abundant in the body, and helps calm stress by calming nerves and anxiety, increases energy, muscle cramps, headaches and so much more.  Click HERE for more information.

Beauty Blend OPC-3 - Works to repair the skin from the inside out and a super anti-oxidant, 20x vitamin C - has biotin that repairs the skins cells. ClickHERE for more information.

Multi Vitamin with IRON: Click HERE for more information.

Multi Mineral: Click HEREfor more information.

Calcium:Click HERE for more information.

Peak Performance Blend: Click HERE for more information.

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