The Day Trade & EOD/Swing Trade Ideas are emailed out 5 days week outside of holidays when the market is closed. The daily ideas are same prep work I do daily for my own trading and now I put in a little extra time to have it placed in an organized email along with a review of the days trades.

The Day Trade Ideas consist of 2 to 6 ideas with entry, exit and stop price and will arrive 8 hours by email before the market opens each day and on Sunday before 8PM eastern time. Subscription Cost is $45 per month. Click here for an example

The End of Day/Swing Trade Ideas are emailed out five days week 15 minutes before the markets close.  Subscription Cost is $45 per month. Click here for an example

Purchase Both for $70 a month and save - Your first purchase comes with a supplement guide for following the Service covering placing stops/exits and risk/reward for day and swing trading.  

The price of your monthly subscription's will remain the same as long you continue your membership. Cancel at anytime. If you cancel and rejoin you will need to pay the cost of the current rate. A one day trial is offered for $5.

To Purchase Click Below: Please read the disclaimer before subscribing.

$45 Monthly Day Trade Ideas

$45 Monthly EOD/Swing Trade Ideas

$70 Purchase Both Day Trade & EOD/Swing Trade Ideas and Save!

$5 One Day Trial of both Day Trade & EOD/Swing Trade Ideas 

First Purchase: If you purchase on Friday, the Monday Day Trade Ideas will be emailed on Sunday night before 8PM eastern time. If you purchase before 4pm eastern time Monday through Thursday then you will be emailed the Day Trade Ideas 8 hours before the market opens on the next trading day. A purchase after 4pm eastern time and the Day Trade Ideas will be sent the next day. The EOD/Swing Trade ideas first subscription will start the next trading after your first purchase.

Holidays and Random Days: The subscriptions are emailed out 5 days week outside of holidays when the market is closed and 5 (or less) random days through out the year.  While I hope not to use these 5 days, as I enjoy trading, I have to prepare for unforeseen circumstances: severe weather power outage, over night travel or extreme emergencies. Notice will be given if these occur.

To Cancel: You can cancel your membership at anytime. Log into your PayPal Account or email: within 48 hours of your billing date. There are no refunds for cancellations. To Cancel your Membership with Paypal you will need to click on the ACTIVITY tab, find a payment made to How I Day Trade, click on details, and then click on the STATUS button to Cancel/Inactive. You should then receive an email form Paypal confirming your recurring payment has been cancelled. After cancellation you will continue to receive the newsletter until the last day of your paid cycle.

Always use a trading simulator when learning how to trade or learning a new trading concepts. Like any profession you need to gain experience through putting in the time, dedication, education, and commitment to learn before trading with real money. Do not risk money until you succeed on a trading simulator. Practice placing orders and trades before the markets open and judge your results at the end of the day. The trade ideas I offer are "Set and Forget trades" where no trade management is necessary or need to watch the markets during the day. Statistics suggest 90% of traders fail, I believe that number is higher. The 90% or more traders that fail jump into the game chasing the lore of "big easy $". The traders get sucked in and fail because they didn't take the proper steps of learning before earning (I went through it) and using proper risk management. Don't become a statistic, put in your time and learn and practice before you earn. TD Ameritrade's ThinkorSwim platform offers an excellent trading simulator.


 Knowledge & Discipline is Power