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The Newsletter is emailed out five nights a week and covers:

  • SPY & QQQ  review with short term Buy and Sell zone trading ideas
  • Watch list of 2-8 stock ideas with Buy and Sell zones for the next trading day
  • Review of strategies, trades and other content.

The trading strategies I use everyday are listed on the website under Stock Strategy and SPY & QQQ Strategy. Majority of these setups are determined before the market opens. Placing orders (entry, exit and stop), letting the trade play out with minimal management and exiting the trade at the end of day. The trade ideas, watch list, daily charts and intraday setups are selected off charts using: Support/Resistance, Supply/Demand, candlesticks and moving averages and not fancy indicators. You can find more examples on the How I Day Trade Blog  which I have ran for 10 plus years.

The daily stock watch list is formed by scanning Daily Charts that trade on average a million shares per day, trending in a bullish or bearish direction and are in play. The next steps are to apply intraday setups followed by selecting the proper entry strategy and risk management. I don't chase trades, if price doesn't enter the zone or fit into my plan, then no trade.

The content in the newsletter is the same prep work I do daily for my own trading. I now take my daily trading plan and put in a little extra time to have it placed in an organized newsletter. The newsletter is emailed out 5 days a week at a modest cost of $45 a month - less then $3 a day for a daily trading map.  Trading can be boring, patiently waiting for your setup and taking one to three trades a day (or whatever the market offer's, sometimes more sometimes less). One of the best avenues a trader can take is trading in a community of traders with similar trading styles and not having to pay the outragious prices "stock services" and trading services sell. Cancel whenever you like. As long as you are a member the monthly price you pay will not increase. A one day trial is offered for $5.

Always use a trading simulator when learning how to trade or learning a new trading concepts. Like any profession you need to gain experience through putting in the time, dedication, education, and commitment to learn before trading with real money. Do not risk money until you succeed on a trading simulator. Statistics suggest 90% of traders fail, I beleive that number is higher. The 90% or more traders that fail jump into the game chasing the lore of "big easy $". The traders get sucked in and fail because they didn't take the proper steps of learning before earning (I went through it) and using proper risk management. Don't become a statistic, put in your time and learn and practice before you earn. TD Ameritrade's ThinkorSwim platform offers an excellent trading simulator.

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