Day trading is a business, and the key to any successful business is to develop & follow a business plan. Shorten your learning curve with this easy to follow E-Mini Trading Plan. This 90 page plus plan covers easy to follow setups for the beginner or experienced trader and additional setups to help you build your own plan.  Plan delivered in Adobe Acrobat via email within 24 hours. To Purchase for $59.99 through Paypal click here: PAYPAL

E-Mini Trading Plan Topics Covered with Trade Examples:

  • Office Setup
  • Preparing the night before
  • ETF's: new traders start here
  • Position Sizing and amount to risk
  • Stops and Exits
  • Support and Resistance Levels
  • Daily Homework
  • Setups for ETF's:
  • Hammers off support/resistance, 123 Breakout/Breakdowns, Engulfing Bar and Go
  • Advanced Setups
  • Gap Fill, Gap and Go, Flat Open,
  • Fade or Trend Fades off support and resistance
  • Breakouts
  • TICK trades
  • Internals
  • 15 Minute Setup: Breakout or Fade reference sheets.
  • Visit the  HOW I DAY TRADE BLOG  for more trade examples