Trading Course

Day Trading Course for Beginner Day Traders

About this Online Course:

This 4 hour online course takes you through the process of how I day trade one simple strategy for beginner day traders by following the same daily trading and risk management plan. 

Trading is a business with risk management the #1 priority followed by selecting a strategy that mirrors the market conditions and selecting the correct stock's to trade the strategy.

Online Course Content:
  • The Course offers 15 video and power point modules and over 300 Power Point Slides.
  • 10 Mini Quizzes with over 65 Quiz Questions throughout the course.
  • Over 45 Trade Examples of winning and losing trades.
  • Over 4.5 hours of video teaching and explanation.
  • Course Topics: Psychology, Trading with Market Conditions, Identifying Buy & Sell Zones, How to Select Stocks, Risk Management, Gaps, The Strategy Process,  How to Practice, How to trade the price point strategy, How to trade a gap fade price point strategy, andHow to trade the regular market session after the opening bell utilizing a 15 minute candle strategy and much more
  • Study online from anywhere at your own pace, available online 24/7.
  • Practice the strategy over and over on a simulator until ready to trade a live account.
  • Registered students gain lifetime access to the Trading Course.

This course is not for traders who:

  • Want to make an abundance of day trades chasing candlestick patterns and scanning endless charts while making split second decisions.
  • Won't follow a simple risk management plan.
  • Want to trade low float small cap stocks and penny stocks.
  • Want to trade with fancy indicators.
  • Who perceive trading as easy, a get rich quick scheme, and that trading can be mastered in a month, 3 months or a year.

To complete this course, a student must:

  • Prerequisite: A trader should have a basic foundation of how stocks trade.
  • Have access to a laptop, desktop, tablet.
  • One Monitor (no you don't need multiple trading monitors)
  • Have a desire to learn and is a self-directed learner