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How I Day Trade is an active traders newsletter service for Day and Short-term Swing Trader's. After each trading day we email out a newsletter with 4 to 10 Day and Swing Trade  opportunities with precise entry, exit and stop point's from prior day buy and sell zones. Along with the newsletter we offer an END OF DAY overnight trading strategy with ideas emailed out 15 minutes before the closing bell.

All trade ideas are taken from highly liquid Large Cap Stocks and ETF's where the only trade management necessary is placing the Entry, Exit and Stop and going about your day. This means you let the trade play out until it hits your profit target or your stop loss. “Set and Forget” trade management eliminates mistakes, trading emotions, and the need to sit there and watch your trades. There are pros and cons with every trading approach, there is no one strategy right for all traders. My focus is to keep it simple.

The goal of How I Day Trade is to educate traders so they can learn to trade on their own, build confidence and or utilize the daily newsletter as one of their daily preparation tools. Click above  to learn more about the Day Trading, Swing Trading and End of Day Strategies and follow me on stocktwits or twitter as I offer one trade idea per night.